måndag 2 december 2013


time to update the outfit of the day 

jeans from Zara 
sweater from Vila 
Shoes converse 

måndag 25 november 2013


Hello readers hope you all had a massive weekend ….
And having a fresh energetic monday… you want to know how my monday started?!? Well it started with taking Puzzel to the vet :( 
her eye infection is back so its really shit right now. 
I've to give her the medicine every 2 hours, so the alarm on my phone rings every two hours six time a day how cool right?! so this mean i can't leave home for today and ill see if later someone can help me.
Appart that, rest is going fine just wish to spend more time on this blog and updating it more often.

Now lets see how i chose to dress 

thanks for reading :* love u all 

fredag 8 november 2013

Week Crush

Whats up all fashionista?
I've been here and there and chilling a little bit and staying away from shopping but this won't be possible longer because i saw Top Shop new collection and i just left my heart there. 
So i sat home an try to mix one of Top Shop pieces with other which i  found online. 

And now lets see my week favourite items of the week :D 

This is all Top shop new collection i love the the baby pink 
the shoes are SAMSOE SAMSOE available on Nelly.com for 219€
iPhone 5 cover from Fris Company also on nelly.com for 17 € 
The TEE from Top Shop 50 Pound 
This also all Top Shop 
TEE for 22 pound 
Dress for 34 pound 

Top shop skirt plain 100 Pounds 
Top Shop animal print 230 Pounds 
Shoes Lulu Boot Fj 69 € on nelly.com
Shoes 47 € parkers on Nelly.com
Skirt Top Shop 100 Pounds 
Purple wool coat 195 pounds on Top Shop 

Shoes Senso on Nelly.com 
shoes Top shop 

fredag 1 november 2013

Stephane Rolland

What I absolutely like to see its Stephane Rolland clothes.
You can see throw he's wonderful work how he see a woman... looking the models going on the ramp its like every dress has it own story so elegant and sensual pure and clean they are so well done and a little bit futuristic and very minimal. 

söndag 27 oktober 2013

chill sunday

My sunday was perfect i spent the hole day with my love so happy that finally did it ...
thats how my morning started i found Puzzel inside the cover of my blanket and i noticed that she was in when i was fixing them, is´nt she so sweet :D

And thats how was my sunday outfit :D 
Im wearing:
Jacket: ZaRA 
Skater skirt from: asos 
shoes: Nelly.com 

Leo and Puzzel :D

fredag 25 oktober 2013

Killa look?

Its firday :D and my friday look its really killa no im kidding i dont how to call this look beacuse it was a mix of some guys and girl stuff but the inspiration came from a guy look. 
I was having a black blazer with under a white over size shirt and some leather tights with some loafers. I added some female touch with some accessories with alot of gold detalis. 

Comment if u like the look ;D

torsdag 24 oktober 2013

The comfortable trend

Im just in love with the extra long trench coats or just simple cots they are everywhere but its still not alot of people wearing them and i don't get this i mean they are just so comfortable and so elegant and how often its happens that one trend its elegant and comfortable i love the one Zara it's having, Mango its also having some interesting stuff but i don't know why when tried them they were not sitting so good. I have to add a small particular that I'm really small like the Olsen twins so it's really difficult to find something which fits perfectly on me I'm not trying to say that Mango it's having some bad quality stuff.I got so happy to take out mine vintage Burberry trench which I've been thinking to sell since long but glad that I didn't do that :D and why do i like so much extra long trenches ??Apart the fact that long over size coats are elegant and they really cover from cold but the thing i like the most its that under i can wear the first two things i find and just close the coat  and I'm ready to go i use always the trick of the long coat when i don't have the energy to look what i should wear and when half of laundry is laying to be washed and i don't have anything left :( Like this week I've been using this trick caus i was so busy its hasn't been one day that i stayed home relaxed or had a nap XD I've been out everyday and meeting friends and people which i don't see so often caus the schedule don't match and the work, guy, girl, husband and ecc But now lets see some pics, it's getting late i need to sleep xP 

 me and and a friend
 i just liked the shape of the mug 

 Me trying some Mango coats 

Good night evreyone ..! 
Love u all readers and haters 

My humor on top

Hi my lovely readers ..!
I just want to start with thanking all the people who read this blog
That's really supportive and motives me to keep it up ��
And now lets talk my humor which is really good because the sun is shining in Sweden, its not cold and I'm  on my way to meet a friend in the city, for a coffe and some chat.

For more updates stay tune

onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Timless denim outfits

The denim outfit are timeless.
Thats how the wore the denim 
Miroslava Duma 
Tamu Mcpherson
Kim Kardashian 

Thats how i chosen to wear a denim outfit 
in one fall/winter day, all basic colours.

The shirt and pants are H&m
Coat : Mnago 
Shoes : Nelly.com
Bag : Micheal Kors hamilton