onsdag 3 december 2014

New Hair

Back after very very long just wanted to share my new hair colour
stay tune, its coming alot of new things.

söndag 17 augusti 2014

40 year old outfit

Ciao belli...! Im back with one new outfit :D im completley in love with my shirt so i just have to share the hole outfit.

While i was so excited for the outfit my friend went around saying that i looked like a fourty years old busniess women so now i really want to hear some more opinions, am i really looking like a 40 year old women!!??
I really love the material and the print of the shirt so im definitely going to use it more even tho some of the pepole buuuuu it :S ( fail it/ didnt like it).
Should a wear it maybe with a pair of jeans or a matte black tights instead of shinny leather tights ( btw its fake leather ).
what do you guys think?? any advice ?? how can i use it diffrentley??

shirt from Cubus 
Tights from bikbok
Shoes from Zara 

måndag 4 augusti 2014


One more passion. 
I love trying new makeups in my spare time. 
If u want your makeup to look fresh when its summer, its to take care 
of ur skin which you can easily do from home without buying alot
of expansive products from the drugstore.
For more updates and face mask or products that im using for my skin 
stay tuned.

lördag 2 augusti 2014


We were just out with the dogs when we decided to take some pictures of the outfit, 
i actually was going to have another outfit first, but the colors looked so fresh and pretty 
in the sun that we decided to go for this this instead. 

Im wearing a Bershka flower Blazer 
Tee from Gina tricot 
Necklace from Zara 
Shoes Converse 

söndag 27 juli 2014

back in sweden

After two weeks aways from family and love.

Had a calm saturday in good compnay and tasty food.

Im looking so pale in the pictures beacuse im not wearing any makeup.


A pieace of Tukey

I left my heart in the wonderful Istanbul... I love Turkish people the are so friendly and always so happy. I didnt knew that i was going to like it so much im looking forward go back again and visit the places that i couldnt visit.

Turkey ranking as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Mostly tourist pick placese on the european side of Istanbul because all the shopping and best clubs of turkey are on the european side, but me and my friend picked the asian side and there you can visit the colorful markets and taste typical turkish food you will find just few tourist and mostly turkish people. 
If you are staying on the asian side you must visit Kädikoy its where you can find the shops small markets some pubs and if you want to sit and smoke nargile and have some turkish coffe, Teras Cafe (Ali Ismail Sokak) its the best place thier employes are always friendly not flirty, they never look tired and they always having one smile on thier face.
You can easily reach the european side with bus or taxi and its not so expansive, but rember if they see that you are tourist they will always say 70 turkish lira (it doesnt matter the distance and usually the turn off the taxi meter or dont start it from ´´0´´) which is about 24 euro and in swedish kronor its about 230kr, you can always discuss the price and dont just jump in the first taxi. Say always 20 lira for 20 or 25 minutes distance up to 30 or 40minutes say 40,45 turkish lira which is enough.

On the european side of Istabul its nice to visit taxim there you can find all of diffrent brands like Mango, Zara, Berska, Nike, Addidas and for those who loves makeup its one M.A.C botique with afordabale prices u have MakeUp Forever and many others. If you love shopping you will love taxim try to visit alot of botiques you might find some really special and unique garments, so dont just visit Zara, mango and h&m all the commercial brands.

You have the best clubs on european side Reina and Beat, its some nice pubs also but i prefeared the pubs on the Asian of Istanbul side. 

Now pick the side you like the most in Istanbul and visit one of the oldest coutry Turkey.